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Beyond Horsing Around - Equine First Aid

"For the love and health of your horse"!

Equi Health Canada recommends that each barn/stable have at least one person onsite who is certified in equine first aid and one person certified in human first aid.

All Equine First Aid courses are hands on with horses and cover:

Pain detection, pain prevention


Hoof puncture wounds, thrush, scratches, abscess, white line

Digestive emergencies - colic, collapse, choke

Is your saddle hurting your horses back?

What's normal and what's not normal for your horse

What your vet needs to know when you call with an emergency

Participants will receive a first aid manual that includes:

What's Abnormal/What’s Normal (+Vital signs chart),Wounds,

Bandaging, Collapse. Shock. Poison, Burns, Lameness, Nail puncture,

Interference, Wrapping legs, Colic, Choke, Eye Injuries, Nose Bleed, Stings and

Bites, Heat Stroke, First Aid Supplies needed...First Aid and More!

Through a number of different hands-on scenarios and exercises, power point presentations, participants will learn and go through a series of specific techniques for working with medical problems a horse may have - from wound care, both pre- and post-vet visit, digestive distress issues including colic, breathing issues and common foot conditions horse owners may have to encounter.

Prevention is also as important as knowing all the first aid procedures, and knowing a horse's vital signs is a huge part of this. You will learn, hands-on, how to take a full set of vital signs, so you, along with your vet will know sooner rather than later that something is wrong with your horses overall health condition.