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Beyond Horsing Around - Equine First Aid

"For the love and health of your horse"!

Horses have been my life passion. I was 5 the first time I backed a pony. He was a run away pony wanting to join the trail ride just heading out. This frisky little spirit only sealed my fate as I brought him under control and trotted him back to the riding ring....after all this is what the cowboys did on TV. Little did my Mom know that this was the first ride of many. Triple L ranch became my second home and I eventually saved enough money to buy my first horse, a Morgan Mare...several followed. Like many, raising a family took precedence for several years.

Now retired I am fortunate to dedicate time to my passion. I have the privilege of sharing life with my rescue Appendix mare...If Looks Could Kill...and my daughters pride and joy...Mr. Martin, a draft/ TB. We are fortunate to enjoy and call Circle J home.